Ed Hoffman

Ed Hoffman’s environmental protection career began in the non-profit arena, creating “Save the Rainforest,” an organization which actively purchased and protected rainforests in Paraguay and Mexico. He later went on to hold positions with the Nature Conservancy and the Adirondack Council.

Educated at Cornell University he majored in Natural Resource Management with concentrations in environmental science and sustainable development.

In order to concentrate on Coastal Georgia Ed took over environmental stewardship at Hampton Island, a 4,000 acre low impact development off the Georgia coast. As Environmental Manager he oversaw all sustainable practices on the island from tree protection to erosion control to waste water management, and also created a unique eco-cottage initiative which enabled members to experience the benefits of green building first hand.

Ultimately, Ed went on to create HES, Inc in order to share his knowledge, experience, quality of workmanship, and drive with developers and agencies throughout the low country and have a larger positive impact on coastal growth.